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Konect Data Services

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Welcome to Konect

Campbell Scientific is proud every time someone entrusts their data to us. For decades we have been your trusted partner when measurements matter and our dataloggers, peripherals and devices continue to evolve to offer you the absolute best in measurement and processing.

When you choose our data services we take the role of custodian of your data just as seriously, with this in mind our data services are designed with security from the datalogger all the way to your browser. Built around the latest technologies we can collect, archive, present and relay your data in a variety of ways, all the time ensuring your data remains safe, secure but highly accessible when you need it.

Continue down the page to find out more about the features and services we can offer. Your data delivered where you want it, when you need it, on the device and platform you choose.

CR1000X, CR300 Series and CR6 Series

Support for our flagship CR1000X comes baked into Konect, alongside our CR300 Series, CR6 Series and the rest of the Campbell Scientific datalogger family. Powerful on-site measurement and processing, combines with the simplicity and resilience of our data serves to take you from measurement to browser in complete confidence.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Any Platform

Our services are built around the latest web standards with security at the heart. Our entire interface is designed to adapt from the largest desktop computer, to varying sized tablets and right down onto your smartphone. All this whilst remaining platform independent, so you get the same look and feel whether its Windows, Linux, iOS or Android. All you have to do is design once and Konect takes care of the rest.

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